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Shanghai Gulan Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

IPL acne treatment

Personal Care Appliances
IPL acne treatment


Offer Type: Sell

Offer Category: Personal Care Appliances  -  Beauty Equipment

Offer Post Time: 2014-05-04

Serial Code:

Model: MT200

Size: 580*320*450

Carriage: Shanghai

Package: Aviation Box

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Unit

Price: 0.00 USD

    The new IPL-SHR technology (Super Hair Removal) with our own developed method from 2012. Best results of permanent epilation.
    Shanghai Gulan Laser Technology Co., Ltd own fully developed technology: The new generation of hair removal and skin rejuvenation. Newest technology for medical and cosmetically hair removal and skin rejuvenation with SHR and SR functions.
General use of the device:
Permanent hair removal
Skin rejuvenation
Wrinkles treatments
Spider veins treatments
Acne treatments
Freckles treatments
Pigment treatments
Liver spots treatments
The mean performance of the device:
User friendly, big display
Friendly and modern design
Flash counter
Powerful electro-magnetic clutch pump for the control of water circular flow
Low acoustic level
Long life time
Simple or expert selectable modus
Low operating costs
Characteristics of the device:
Selectable and adjustable parameters of the treatment over the wide touch screen in the simple or in the expert modus
Adjustable sub-pulses
Spot sizes: 2 hand pieces with two different sizes. 3,20 cm² and 6,40 cm²
Peltier cooling system: electrothermal transducer
The features:
Due to the new function "In Motion" all areas are gripped with the spot of the hand piece
Burns can be never caused with this method
Treatments are to 98% painless
Achromic skin and blond hair can be treated with this method.
Technical Data:
Product Type: MT200
Power Supply: 110V / 60Hz or 220V / 50Hz
Drive Power: 1000W
Spot Size(mm): 12×30 for SR; 8×40 for HR
IPL fluence energy: 1-12J/cm² for SR; 1-7J/cm² for HR
Pulse Duration: 2~15 ms (adjustable)
Cooling system: Air cooling + Water cooling + Peltier cooling + Adjustable temperature
Integrated Skin Cooling: -5℃~+3℃
Operation Interface: 10.2 inch colorful LCD screen (it depends)
Handpiece: 2 pcs (1x HR & 1x SR)
Dimension(mm): 580×320×450
Net Weight: 31 Kg
Scope of delivery:
Device including 2 hand pieces
Robust box for air transportation